I think I’m right in saying we’ve mentioned kl(aus) in previous missives, though I’m fairly certain not quite this particular release. Admittedly its been out for a while but still worth taking the time to track down. Out via Castles in Space, 300 of these babies all on green vinyl, the set simply called ‘kl(aus)’ finds them traversing the kosmiche corridors, irrefutably inspired, influenced and heavily indebted to the Berlin school of electronics, there’s plenty here to get those of you much admiring of Tangerine Dream and La Dusseldorf simply frothing, however us being the awkward blighters that we are have opted to pluck the sets sore thumb. The 13-minute odyssey that is ‘feral teapot’ – incidentally a very Orb-y title don’t you agree – is a more playful and loosely funky side to their collective persona, pure headphonic gold or more so an all seasons genre bending psychotropic portal wherein everything from 70’s vintage lounge kosmiche, 80’s cinematic ambient textures (removed of the nasty bits) and the progian head trips emanating out of the mo wax and wau mr modo sound houses are stirred up with Balearic moonage oceanics and melodically modelled into a wonderfully bliss toned trance tuned head shroomer only to be sent out on galactic auto pilot by a super chilled variant of Zombi. Any questions then? https://only1klaus.bandcamp.com/

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