Mr Huw

Not since the halcyon days of Ankst has Welsh music been in such rude health, a resurgence in recent months has seen many Welsh speaking artists / musicians coming into more deserved prominence, on a personal note we here have been suffering flutters each time we get the occasional email from the Cae Gwyn imprint alerting us to new groove, the latest of which happens to be an imminent album release by Mr Huw entitled ‘gwna dy feddwl I lawr’. Alas on the back burner just for a day or three while we attempt to scale the backlog mountain, though don’t fear you don’t get off so likely for here’s a sneak teaser in the shape of ‘sam gwahanol’ – track 2 if you happen to be taking notes. Is it, be honest, just me who strongly suspects a passing Ramones affection running through these grooves (with occasional whiffs of Helen Love and Magoo) not to mention Anwith this turning up like a briefly sizzled sub two minute bubblegrooved electro shocked popper that finds the Huw ablaze in new waving dayglo effervescence and possessing a radiant sun blistered shade adorning fuzzy strut which if you cup your ear ever so slightly sounds like a mid 80’s variant of Wire. In truth we’ve actually had a sneaky listen of the album and by far, so far on initial listens, its ‘anocheladwy’ that’s had us swooning a tad, a sparsely minimalist post punk hymnal hybrid which cutely nibbles around the edges of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s ‘statues’ all said and remotely relocates itself in the quieter and more sighingly majestic moments found hidden deep in the grooves of Bordellos platters. While we’re here we may as well give a little mention to ‘llosgfynyddoedd’ – a delightfully eye brow frazzling surf pop shimmer tone which to these ears sounds not unlike a rather animated Jesus and Mary Chain charging down the hills in a Ramones style – see I told you, thee is a Ramones buzz about this.

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