us and them

alas no sound cloud links on this one just yet, part of the mega dodo singles club and due for release early January, this is the quite exquisite Us and Them. Already responsible for having us all a swoon following having had the listening pleasure of hearing their imminent outing for Fruits de Mer, this one arrives arrives strictly limited to just 150 copies – all on green vinyl and features two newly cuts – ‘when I was walking’ and ‘green couch’ the former of which is a beautifully beguiled spectral mysterio that loosely orbits the dark seduction of the Stones’ ‘playing with fire’ as reappraised a few years ago by – if I recall rightly – Crystaline Josephine all dreamily and bewitchingly hushed in a floral nocturne tapestry. ‘green couch’ on the flipside is quite something else, genteelly surrendering and shyly tender its elegant eeriness and adoring undulates tinkerishly daydream whilst drawing the dots between Beautify Junkyards and the Shortwave Set under the guiding hand of Renaissance.

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