magpahi / polypores

Normal service resumes tomorrow, for now though another visit to that excellent last of the year’s audiological reports from the folk over at a year in the country, a fuller review will be appearing later in the week. Following on from previewing the excellent the hare and the moon track featuring Alaska, Magpahi’s briefly ghost like visitation ‘hawthorn heart’ emerges twinkling from a ravaged isolationist landscape that sounds as though it was cut straight from a Stylus album, to flicker flightily in the twilight like some siren-esque spectal enchantment with a ghost folk minimalist appreciation of the Broadcast’s back catalogue. Regular visitors to these musings Polypores appear to be maturing with a growing confidence with each passing outing, ‘deep undergrowth’ obviously schooled, tutored and informed by the classicist teaching of old school German electronics is more your La Dusseldorf than Kraftwerk slice of Tangerian kosmiche kool.

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