static waves 5

New Static Waves compilation just posted up, Volume 5 to be precise, from those nice folk over at Saint Marie, this set featuring a gathering of 17 dream popping lovelies which we have bookmarked for a fuller listen sometime a little later in the coming days. For now we’ve honed in on three familiar faces – SPC ECO, Presents for Sally and Resplandor the latter of whom its been an age since we had the pleasure of hearing. Anyhow enough wittering, SPC ECO serve up the Cocteauian dream drift that is ‘all we have is now’ an airless beauty somewhat hermetically sealed as though a celestial orbital radiantly showering bliss toned love notes in its vapour trailing wake. Ah sunny kaleidoscopia is it then, Presents for Sally on the other hand opt for a spot of fuzz flecked shimmertoning on the deliriously infectious ‘smoke signals’ which aside anything manages to join the hidden joins between the 14 Iced Bears and another sunny day albeit as though done in a youthful Moose styled style with nods to Ride aplenty swooning in the shade adorned haze. Rounding up matters on this teasingly brief visit, Resplendor’s svelte yearn that is ‘bocanada (faraway whispers from the sea)’ comes softly demurred in ethereal glazes amid whose genteelly hazed fog endless mesmeric mirages ripple in the galactic voids.

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