theo nugraha

Returning back to Theo Nugraha who you might recall has dedicated this month to all things noise with his ‘one noise a day, keeps the evil away’ extravaganza Noisevember, days 8 and 9 feature ‘hitung’ a teasingly brief slice of apocalyptic industrial dub and ‘rasa’ your trademark punitive slab of boiling squall delivered with face peeling brutality and no doubt a particularly vicious sand blasting power tool. However we suggest for those with failing tolerances for sonic irritants might do well to redirect headspace somewhere in the vicinity of day 7’s offering ‘hujannya belum reda’ whereupon the Nugraha one seemingly teams up with Noestalgya and rather than flay your skin by means of sonic extremes rathermore appears content to creep you out with some eerily glum chamber gloom replete with bone bowed shivers. You have been warned.

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