luca nieri

Pressed on extremely limited quantities of lathe cut vinyl, am I right in saying there’s a full release in January, anyway this is a tender twin set from Luca Nieri through the esteemed wonderfulsound imprint, two covers no less though pardon our lack of musical knowledge in the area but I’m stumped over ‘hummingbird’ – still doesn’t detract from the beauty unfurling within, a lightly caressed sun sprayed rustic whose adept intimate musicality and sense of faraway thoughtfulness has it sitting somewhere between Jackson C Frank and Nick Drake in terms of appeal, delivery and effect. However for us its his rephrasing of Jackson C Frank’s ‘milk and honey’ that had us swooning in the aisles, relocated sumptuously in a mysteriously shadowy noir tracing recalling both John Barry and Ennio Morricone, this honey purrs with a breathlessly hypnotic spellweaving sophisticated 60’s chic.

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