Alas no sound links on this just yet, the tracks have been embargoed until after the new year, but this a quite superb and dare we say darkly brooding future release by Barry Snaith (inconsistent jukebox dude) and Erika Bach found here colluding together as Mau with a four-track offering currently heading up under the working title ‘some elusive’ EP. A darkly woven mysterio peering from out of the shadows, emotionally fractured and daubed in twisted macabre, the feel chilled and tensely taught, melodically tripping a gateway linking the spectral netherworlds of Bowie’s ‘blackstar’ and the more brooding chamber tones emanating from out of the Sartorial sound house around 10 or so years ago, notably those featuring Lydia Lunch, none more so is this the case than on the hauntingly ethereal ‘on the far side’, the imagery cloaked in a thickening black atmospheric is all at once petrified, desolate and withered yet strangely seductive in a darkening way. Perhaps the sets most pop moment, though maybe best described as ‘night pop’ is the parting ‘some elusive’ which loosely navigates terrains once upon a time the plaything of Portishead, utilising down tempo motifs and crunchy glitch crackles, a soulful shimmer rises from out of the noir mists to instantly put you in mind some kind of studio accidental featuring Goldfrapp, Musetta and ROC. Those with a memory for such things,shall we recommend Glissando and Virgin Passages as being your preparatory listening to ready yourself for the tensely woven spellcraft that is‘drain them’ gloomed and groaned as it is in nightmarish mirages and a sparse icy creeping flesh prowling sonic backdrop while the hypnotic glare of the sepia framed ‘do you want me’ is darkly haloed in a deathly obsessive lust and death discofied mooching electronic strobes that recall both youthful variants of cobra killer and noblesse oblige.

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1 Response to mau

  1. barrysnaith says:

    Thank you Mark. There are some great comparisons in that piece. Cobra Killer! I forgot about them.

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