55 cancri e

we nearly missed this in the bulging email mountain, this eerily dreamy celestial hymnal comes from Sara Hausenkamp found here operating under the mysterious guise as 55 Cancri e, the track titled ‘alltid du’ taken from a forthcoming full length ‘att lamna tellus’ for the aptly named Danish imprint music for dreams. A strangely beguiling listening experience, which okay, if you can get past the constant imagery of a gathering assembly of seriously stoned Clangers, then something quite alluring and magical begins to emerge all the time defrosting delicately amid a spectral swirling of frosted noir folk mosaics, for here amid the bowed opines and the airless arrangements, a shy love noted tenderness reaches out ghosted in cosmic lullabies, in truth the most affecting thing we’ve heard since that rather perfect Jodie Lowther release on Soft Bodies.

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