akiha den den

Lost where we are up to with these Akiha Den Den broadcasts. Featured stars of the latest issue of Electronic Sound #24 wherein there’s an interview with writer Neil Cargill, there’s much to be said about these transmissions, and we have, in so far as the intimacy and the chill of the spoken word crackling through the transistor ether that they perfectly convey, its to do with the closeness, the directness of the message on the listener as it cucoons you in isolation, something that visuals often find hard to tap uinto. Of course, imagination plays its part, the nakedness of the word and its ability to conjure imagery can often be a personalised thing. And then it’s the atmosphere, the charge of chill descending on your listening space, just you the disembodied dialogue and the loneliness. Herewith episodes 4 and 5 of Akiha Den Den, an ongoing radio drama that ticks all the aforementioned boxes, classic horrorphonics that harks back to classic radio entertainment, the dialogue and imagery brought into chilling sharpness by an accompanying score arranged by Simon James on vintage analogue synthesisers whose eerie aura compliments and nods to the classic Jon Pertwee era Dr Who scores created at Maida Vale by Brian Hodgson and Malcolm Clarke.



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