quite frankly just what you need to give you an early Sunday morning shock into life, this is Italian quartet Ermes doing grizzled and bad things on the sound player courtesy of a happy not happy punch you out thumping set entitled ‘Worst Case Scenario’. Blimey these dudes have some seriously unresolved issues as they veer full throttle through a howling furnace of agit core mayhem. Nine grizzled and gouged slabs of primal hard core lurk and lunge on this molten collection, pissing in the same generic pool that saw the likes of Discharge trash all the chasing pack, Ermes take no prisoners on this nut down cranium caning chest beating charge, we here are more than a tad smitten with the frenetic turntable demolition that is ‘mindfuck : the musical’ a scowling face peeling bad boy while ‘radical shit’ is a blistering cattle prod up the hindquarters slab of ripping caustic cow punk. All said for us its the mammoth parting opus – stretching to over three minutes I’ll have you know – ‘hypnagogia’ that does it for us, by their standard almost looming large in stoner terrains, a nightmarishly doom doped head fracturing loose and rabid black hearted beauty.

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