R Stevie Moore

staying with Doom Trip a little while longer, latest on their roster is an ultra limited lathe 7 inch by recognised lo-fi legend R Stevie Moore entitled ‘there is no God in America’ – as apt a title we’ve heard considering all the shenanigans and fallout resulting from the recent presidential elections. Anyhow four kookily skewiff cuts feature on this strangely alluring if not whacked out set, the title track ominously frayed, confused, fractured and seriously off beat which I guess ultimately is the whole point, arriving crookedly assembled in an austere cold war minimalism and a wavering warp like schizoid toning. Next up, the pointed ‘no talking’ is a more together affair, a homely disenfranchised spiritual no less which bleeds perfectly into the mellowing and impishly goonery of the slacker-esque bubblegrooving of ‘no body’. ‘oven love’ wraps up matters, the strangeness quotient ratched up several notches, delightfully wayward and surreally dreamy, barking as hell and thankfully all the better for it. https://doomtrip.bandcamp.com/album/there-is-no-god-in-america-7

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