Now I hate to use and refer to such vulgarities but, isn’t this latest offering from Middex a bit pop, there I’ve said and no doubt there’ll be complaints penned in colourfully articulated Queen’s English prose to the broadsheets and pyres across the land are I suspect being piled high with torches at the ready. ‘cold borough’ is a sneak teaser from a forthcoming debut full length from Middex, best filed under detached Dadaist disco, this sparsely monochromatic funk struck gem looms wearily from abandoned tower blocks where frequent ghosts of forgotten new towns, all at once edgy and disconnected, it’s a black and white vision of an already lost future through the eyes of a John Foxx headed Ultravox albeit refocused through the viewfinder of Devo, extra admiring points are awarded for nods to the opening part of OMD’s ‘maid of orleans’. Clinically classy.

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