While we go off on a fool’s errand seeking out links for that NAILS split release, here’s the equally dragged to hell on a horsecart tyranny of Nekrokraft. This one coming out through the Swedish imprint Sign is deceptively called ‘will o’ wisp’ – a thunderous 7 track behemoth replete with bludgeoning purgatorial riffage and a sky firing rage that gathered together curdle into ruthless no prisoners taken end of days apocalypsia. Amid these grooves lurk and groan dark hearted heralds bringing gifts of decay and destruction not to mention searing sermons of futility, the brutality starts with opener ‘ov hell’ and just festers amid a contagion of warfaring chaos to rise with macabre majesty with the apocaryphal ‘forest dweller’. By our reckoning though it’s the parting ‘succubus’ that provides the sets best moment – a doom dragged cauldron of ligt sucking hopelessness. enter with due care. 

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