billy cote

Heading out shortly on polytechnic youth in an ultra limited lathe pressing, this is – I think – ‘place’ by Billy Cote. Would that be the same Billy Cote formerly of Madder Rose who also released the rather divine ‘piano creeps’ with Mary Lorsen way back when we were oh so much younger. Probably not, though I’m thinking otherwise. Admittedly takes a few listens for this to start working its way beneath your skin and into your affections, yet once it does its on repeat seducing your synapses with its Reich like precision. That said what makes this a treat is the way it flips from its introductory masterclass in stature and sustain and then without warning changes in direction, texture and style loosening up to read from a intricate, though sprightly pop rule book with the emergence of trip hopping modulating rhythms and are they glockenspiels we here, all very reminiscent it should be said of Magnetaphone and the latterly sonic explorations of both Messrs Hanson and Saunders these days masquerading as the Resource Centre and Assembled Minds.

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