Iran experimental underground survey

Apologies overdue to the ever excellent Unexplained Sounds Group folk who aside sending over some devilishly good ear gear of late,have simultaneous maintained an admirable release schedule that has consistently sought out artists operating below the radar who’ve been responsible for pushing the envelope of sound creation / manipulation. Busily working through those aforementioned releases, may we for now draw your ears attention to their ongoing ‘experimental underground surveys’ this one released a month or so ago focused on Iran, a country / region of the world whom are sadly rarely featured in these pages. As ever time constraints dictate that this will be a taster picking of the treats on show, first up being from Hadi Bastani whose ‘endless falls’ has a deliciously dark and ominous funereal countenance about its wares, the chill factor being somewhat elevated by the doom draped clang of a stricken and sinister bell over an eerily ghost lit landscape. The temperature drops considerably upon the appearance of Alphaxone’s ‘intruition’ if only for the opening sequence for what soon emerges are softly trance toned swathes of radiant chorals whose binary dub squiggles and sense of ecliptic momentum give the effect of a super chilled hibernatory Future Sound of London slowly coming to at half speed. Final mention, for now that is, of this excellent set comes from Umchunga with ‘turbulence I’ which is anything but, rathermore a head bowed slice of bruised solemnness whose vapour trailing choral swathes sound like tearful celestial heralds mourning some post apocalyptic stars collapsing end of days happening, bleakly beautiful, mammoth and not, it should be said, a million miles from the kind of stuff trademarked by godspeed, by the way it starts quietly.    

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