marianne dissard

It’s all well and good doing faithful covers, that’s the easy bit, the invention and creativity though comes when you stamp your own personality on a much-loved familiar tune, turning it on its head and approaching it from a totally unexpected direction to give it a new lease of life, much like, say for instance this one, which arrives described as ‘a bit (of an) eccentric cover of Michael Delpech’s suave 1971 French pop hit ‘pour un flirt’’. Blimey they weren’t kidding, we’ve struggled to hear and find the joining lines given the fact its been taken straight out of its comfort zone. Gone are the snappy, you might say skittish, sun fried pop toning and in its place are found a glorious dizzily dissipating melodic landscape that daydreams its way through an opining opiated mirage of lounge lilted exotica afterglows spaced out and smoked upon Marrakeshian motifs that instil images of sea faring adventures across lysergic waterways in a boat skippered by Charlotte Gainsbourg. Quite sublime if you ask me and before we forget to say, its by Marianne Dissard available we believe, through Trop Expres Music.   

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