the bordellos

And so its back with that rather nifty Bordelos radio session aired earlier in the week by Tudno FM – see earlier mentions for links, the shows host – Neil Crud – obviously not the name he was born with – hey but who knows – possessing a nostaligic music loving enthusiasm that put us much in mind of BBC Merseyside’s Phil Ross and Picadilly’s – was it Tony the Greek from way back the mid 80’s, Anyhow’s we is waffling now, coincidentally much like the Weddoes, mentioned just a wee second ago, the Bordellos’ oft pointed lyricism comes similarly scarred in Gedge like nuances, herewith three more tracks from the scheduled four recorded  for Tudno FM, ‘brief taste’ which originally appeared on that ‘more in common’ compilation currently doing the rounds via carmarthen’s hope not hate, a set which we promised to mention further but er – forgot….we will be addressing this small oversight soon. With stuff like ‘brief taste’ and ‘die by the radio’ also featured here, a new penning no less, the Bordellos are in danger of being your primo outsider band, itching sore somic spots by the plenty with the former vaguely distressed in an aura of Louden Wainwright III – I kid thee not and the latter,you suspect waiting in line to be a future jewel in the crown just needing to be kissed with a anthemic charging over the hill riff line, though here reflective, introspective and somewhat cooled and ached with an intimacy to close for comfort in a maudlin melancholy. ‘stone turns to stone’ completes the quartet, taking up a starring spot on the recent ‘how to lose friends’ full length, this darkly dinked Clinic-esque gem prowls from out of the dispirited shadows, a quietly simmering anti pop brutalist anthem rippled with discontent and resignation found here stripped of its soft psyche wiring conspiratorial campfire edginess and seethed with restless watchfulness.

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