tripwave 2

One of those saw and heard this and thought of you moments. Stumbled across via a random facebook posting, by the Sendelica folk as a matter of fact, this ear hugging compilation ‘tripwave 2 – collection of modern Russian psychedelic music’ is just that, an eye raising sample of hallucinogenic happenings from the East. For now we’ve tuned our headspaces into two of the tracks, ‘canja yoga’ and ‘forest song’ – the former by Bowl of Knowledge being a tab toking bliss traced slab of post rocked mellowing monolithic grooving smoked and cured in the kind of stratospheric riff engineering that imagines a three way sonic conference happened upon between Billy Mahonie, Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The latter mentioned comes courtesy of Kamni, a brooding hypnotic psych blues beauty cut with a desert dry snaking mantra that softly howls, shimmers and sky sirens to a hazily glazed palette that imagines Grails rewiring forgotten Floyd might have been’s. And okay I know we said just two offerings this mention, but we happened across some seriously ghostly seduction in the shape of Sonora’s quite sublime stoned out and mellowed progressive psych bewitchment ‘canyo’ – this is just out there, all tripwiring mystics, so woozy we here wouldn’t be surprised to hear it coming pre-packed with its own smokes, one we suspect for the Cary Grace and Crystal Jacqueline admirers among you.

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