great things you never knew existed – 2 – the Beatles

Great things you never knew existed – 2- the Beatles..

Now look its clearly obvious I’ve heard of the Beatles, hell’s teeth I was born and live in the city they forgot for heaven’s sake, and yes we aren’t great admirers of them, I’ve oft fallen in and out love with them, more often than not, mainly standing in the out camp. However today we were having a little ramble around the facebook alerts / notifications and noticed with, I’ll admit, no great surprise, a post on the vulture site yabbering on about 15 great unreleased Beatles tracks. We proceeded with caution, upending I’ll be honest this little nugget. Okay for the Beatles afficiandos, this is old news, this particular track no doubt all too familiar, but for the life of me, I just can’t recall ever hearing it, snatches of it appeared on McCartney’s ‘Rupert’ home recordings, a mellow jam recorded during the ‘get back’ sessions or so it claims, but nifty all the same not to mention quite smoked, features the Macca one on keyboards, George on noodling riffs, John on wasted bass and Ringo on stoned drums. Anyhow this is the extended 15 minute version of ‘the palace of the king of bees’ – and its er…..damn fine.


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