My Cat is an Alien

Two highly tempting sets emerging from the My Cat is an Alien sound house as a pre-cursor to next years 20th anniversary celebrations. For the last two decades the brothers Opalio have forged an extensive body of work that has defied easy categorisation, the ultimate outsiders persistently puzzling and pushing the envelope, whether you asked for it or not, into total sound immersion. Weird ear dudes blending and bending the perceived barriers of the sonic species and all their generic boxes into an oft molten freeform hybrid that skittishly absorbs and infiltrates the spectrums of drone, psyche, art rock, no wave and even jazz. First up ‘re-si-sten-za!’is a super limited two-track juggernaut, available in numerous variants, preview cut – the title track as it happens, finds them at the height of their wiring and warping powers, an absolute wig flipped tour de force that sees them morphing through elements of noise, musique concrete, stoner earthbeat and cosmic spiritualism to craft out a truly immense and often brutal cranium collapsing palette of psychotropic goo which across 25 minutes of head tripping groove shapeshifts with such out there aplomb that you literally fear your mind might fry. In sharp  contrast, ‘eternal beyond’ finds the Opalio’s in less fracturing moods collaborating with Joelle Vinciarelli – see Talweg and La Morte Young – again a strictly limited set, preview taster ‘eternal – Albert Ayler’ is an extreme example of free jazz, to the furious blasts of squirreling brass signatures whereupon their squall and screech creates a seriously wig flipping discordant haze of vibrant activity, the brothers float beneath endowing all with a calming aura brought to bear by the delicate application of serene shimmers of tranquil ghost folk. Available via Elliptical at and

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