a projection

The minute this kicked in I was hooked, possessed of the glacial majesty of Joy Division, I seriously kid you not, albeit as though channelled through the minimalist magnetic eye of a classic early 80’s era Sisters of Mercy. This beautifully brooding echo from a distant 80’s past comes radiantly gloomed in the kind of withered and edgy winterland detailing we’ve not had the pleasure of hearing around these here parts since happening upon the debuting release from Vukovar, chilled in austere atmospherics and braided in a brutalist post punk howl, this gem sits perfectly poised prowling and peering between the epic fanfares of the Wild Swans and the crushed forlorn grandeur of the Chameleons, its by A Projection, a download single through Tapete entitled ‘transition’ – an album looms on the new year horizon. https://soundcloud.com/tapete-records/a-projection-transition

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