dig vinyl / bido lito mix tape…..

show #9 of the Dig Vinyl podcast, these mix tapes being run in conjunction with Bido Lito, the former an uber cool independent record boutique, the latter the leading finger on the pulse Liverpool scene free independent music journal. An hour’s worth of wax selections pulled from the record racks, a trippy pic n’ mix listening experience mostly smoked in chill toned vibes and mind drifting mellowness. Among the treats here Andy Partridge – what him from XTC – with Lighterthief which to much hapless embarrassment we’ve never heard before, another then to be added on the already bulging Christmas wants list, some lovely floaty lounge from Ruff Dog which ought to interest the wonderful sounds admirers among you, Fuxa’s frankly perfect and much adored around here ‘electric sound of summer’ affections being equally with the emergence of Spectrum’s ‘indian summer’ and some seriously cool funked out groove from the Jan Hammer Group, oh and some dreamy ethereal drift pop demurring from Snowbird. https://www.mixcloud.com/bidolito/dig-vinyl-podcast-9/   

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