of Arrowe Hill

Life’s great annoyances – part whatever. of Arrowe Hill. Well not of Arrowe Hill strictly speaking, like the Bordellos they are the essential sore thumbs and flickering hope in a swirling sea of pop crassness and over hyped trash commercialism which has made daytime radio listening a no go area. Annoying with reference to the fact that this little nugget is part of a planned schedule to release one new song every year between August 2014 and November 2018 as part of their ‘WW1’ project this one being ‘1916 (a message from high command)’. In truth we’d have them kicking out ditties on a weekly basis if we had our way especially if they were scowled and as direct and in your face as this spiked and sparring little gem. Blessed with riffs by Primal Scream donated to them by the Stones, this irksome slab of finger poking unhappiness as brief as it is, jabs, jars and jangles with searing malcontent, we have missed them.

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