I suspect there’s a long overdue apology waiting for Autodrone as I’m fairly certain we may have had a rough cut of this album some many months ago and fear it may have gotten lost in the download traffic. Back after a long hiatus earlier this year, this is ‘this sea is killing me’ their latest full length opus. Adored in a frosted majesty that’s haloed and framed by shoe gazing swirls of darkening emotion stirred turbulence, Autodrone are more than your average smoke and mirrors pedal effects relying dream poppers, rathermore they fuse elements of early 80’s positive punk with subtle psych essences which coalesced together see them striking a sonic affinity with say, Death and Vanilla – and while.’exit ghost’ is beautifully cooled in the swooning gracefall of the much missed Ex Post Facto and ‘Corvus’ is prettified in smoking cool spectral fractures of cosmic sky sirens, we here suggest you navigate your way towards both ‘lay of the land’  and ‘thunderbolt’. The former a bruised and defences down and stripped hurter revealing a rare vulnerability that freefalls into the kind of ached terrains once the domain of All About Eve though here supported and counselled by the March Violets. ‘thunderbolt’ – what can we say, emotional blistered and withdrawing to the shadows licking its wounds, ghosted in a hymnal radiance that’s sighed in a quietly purred anthemic grandeur a phoenix rising rage storm lurks.

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