human parents

Pretty popular guy this Trump bloke, folks cobbling songs in honour of him are springing up all over the place, enthusiastic messages of sincere warmth express a positive hope for the future, kinda makes you feel all fuzzy, warm and a-glow. Sorry I nodded off for a second. Never has there been such acrimonious fallout stoked by fear, hatred and disillusionment as the recent American elections between dumb and dumber, to coin an unfortunate phrase they out-trumped the mockery, the deceit and the prejudice of even our own referendum. Such disillusionment you suspect would keep the fires of defiance of the likes of Jello Biafra fuelled with motive and rage for the foreseeable. For now discontent bears its teeth in the guise of Human Parents who we suspect might well be expecting a knock on the door from the new world order any day soon given his outpouring of scathing lo-fi incredulity on the forthright ‘Trumped’ as it scowls to a musical path much moulded in the frayed image of Fair, Chadbourne and Johnston, okay it’s not ‘it’s the end of the world as we know it’ but the sentiment is almost the same, Canada may well indeed be a safe haven, me I quite fancy Scotland.    

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