the prissteens

sorry folks but the silly season is gathering close and what better way to open our yuletide account than with a spot of impish irreverence. Now it’s all well and good doing covers of cherished tunes, but we suspect that this one might just exert extreme degrees of opinion dividing adoration from the spikey haired community while simultaneously provoking disbelief and hostility from the purists. Track four of this ‘Christmas’ EP by the Prissteens finds these wayward wildcats detuning the immortal effervescent buzz of the Undertones ‘teenage kicks’ into a trash toned scuzzed out lust-o-rama fest called ‘teenage dicks’- blighters been on repeat play since strutting into our ear space. In total sharp contrast, ‘christmas is a time for giving’ is festooned in sleigh bell shimmers and seasonal selfishness not to mention being adored in the classic tones of Spector-esque yuletides long since past. ‘wildman’ is just off the radar, classic Estrus styled primordial rumble, raw ripping and primitive goo goo while ‘he’s luckier than you’ is your lo-fi wired frenetic scuzzing boogie much in awe of the Mummies.

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