the heartwood institute

Something we missed on our recent All Hallow’s Eve ramble, blighters must have sneaked it out beneath our radar, this is the latest from the mysterious collective known as the Heartwood Institute with ‘Witchcraft ‘70’ – a macabre chilling gloomed in ritualistic ghostings that replay forgotten, thought lost, memories of sub culture hidden from plain sight. Upon an eerie sound palette, a tensely wired psychosis strewn sinister carnival haunts with dread toned delight. Etched to a chill waved framing, these three cracks in the spiritual balance between light and dark not to mention reality and nightmare proceed with trickster like terror, disembodied prose floats in and out of the subsconscious ether effecting a spellcasting hypnosis, the sounds minimal and colourless eke out skin prickling edginess not unlike those found on grooves populated by Duke St. Workshop with the parting ‘witchdrone’ particularly creeping out the listening space to usher in the kind of icily doomwatch aura encountered on Carpenter and Howarth’s soundscape for ‘Halloween 3’.

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