the stone tapes

No doubt you are all familiar with the the Stone Tape phenemenom, ghost prints burnt into rock / stone or brick, the result of extreme – often traumatic – events both horrific and happy, though the latter are never as engaging for the purposes of horror, that manifest under certain conditions and situations, Nigel Kneale’s screenplay of the same name is probably the first place to turn for reference purposes, aired one Christmas by the BBC in the early 70’s, it has since proven to be a landmark cult broadcast dealing with this subject matter. The Stone tape phenomena has a curious relationship with the hauntology sound species, the latter an alternative abstracted / nostalgic view of imagined parallel worlds and forgotten times having fallen through fractured time lines, a re-alignment or more so a recalibration or resetting of yesterday intrinsically wired to analogue mediums and Radiophonia sounds. Now at this point you might well be thinking where on earth is this all going, well call it a brief introductory passage welcoming in a new ultra limited cassette release by the Stone Tapes who are, as far as we can tell, duo, K Beam and M Peach who’ve recently released ‘the stone tapes – avebury’ – a sonic document made up of field recordings taken while on an investigative information gathering exercise at the village of Avebury,admittedly not as chilling as those found lurking on that recent Hole House release yet all the same disquieting and gloomed in an eerie disturbia. A perfect listening companion to the ongoing Akiha Den Den radio series and that very excellent ‘the stroma sessions’ broadcasts on BBC Radio 3 at the tail end of last month. Eleven sonic phantasms stir from the grooves of this field report, amid this horrorphonic aural journal feature historical recitals, ghost conversations and paranormal happenings with ‘the vicar calls kat’ proving most disquieting. Elsewhere the delicate dream flurry of twinkling keys ‘shelter in the lychgate’ offers a brief moment of respite before the clouds gather and legion conspire to the bring on the madness‘forth in chilling fashion on the owl and the druid stone’ with ‘petrosomatoglyphs’ relocating the recordings outside of reality and into more sinister and darker realms.

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