soft hearted scientists

Like the murmurs of Irma and giant paw, soft hearted scientists occupy a curiously nostalgic eccentricity that finds them concocting potions of old psychedelic peculiar drawn from the Carroll-esquue wells of Syd Barrett’s creatively fluid mind, their latest twin set gathering together ‘shivers me timbers’ and ‘crystal coves’ come summoned from their critically acclaimed latest opus ‘golden omens’. Graced in the waywardly kaleidoscopic grooving of a ‘gigglegoo’ era Freed Unit, this surreal seafaring mind fried flotilla tingles with a playful catchiness thats festooned in a vintage 60’s styled pop lysergia. That said, as ever the case, our preferred cut sits on the flip, opining pastorals and hazily lazy sighs adore ‘crystal coves’ with a magical dream drifted floatiness whose serene bliss toned coos find it navigating its way towards monsterism island.  

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