the bordellos

Now if we had our way we’d be demanding the Bordellos did their own curmudgeon Christmas collection, proposed titles ‘not Cliff’ with a bonus ‘oi sit down Elton’ set, ‘it was the Turkey honest Ma’, ‘christmas with the Bordellos’ with matching reindeer cardigans, ‘norovirus at the nativity’ or ‘the day my ipad went mad’. Instead alas they’ve cut just one solitary seasonal sore thumb, a bit of tear jerker I’m afraid and very much in a Christmas 1980 styling which if I recall rightly was the year that the cordialities exchanged between my younger self and Santa went their separate ways following an austere present taking that involved several seriously wounded apples, a sock, a watch that lit up the northern hemisphere and a rusty old bike whose saddle had frankly seen more backsides than a hemorrhoids surgeon. But back to bleaker things, sounding like the band that Santa forgot, the Bordellos stump up the spectral humbler ‘Christmas shopping at the Apple Boutique’ or then again it could be ‘window shopping at the apple boutique’, this ‘un is currently being aired on Mark Whitby’s December playlist over at Dandelion Radio, a shop door shivering call from the underground all bruised and blistered not to mention dulling the bauble shine of Christmas as it scowls at the loss of the meaning of the seasons true spirit, in truth sounds like the Fall doing a bah humbug hoodwinking of the perennial Pogues yuletide heart hurter from inside a whisky bottle, kerchief please and quick with it……   

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