the haywains

Second of that spiffing seasonal soiree from the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, this is the legendary twee bop combo the Haywains doing a spot of affectionately cosy toed snow freckled shimmer pop courtesy of the love noted ‘who needs summer’, a kookily cool gathering around the festive festooned crackling open fire whittling out reindeer cardigan wearing jaunty and strumtastically funky and lolloping hot mulled wine servings of tinsel twee tuneage that are sure to have the hand holding indie shy eyes a tad swooning in the yuletide aisles. Over on the flip a rather rousing and gruffly grooved take on the seasonal classic ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ all decorated with a whistling intro and a deliciously bracing stripped bare three chord pub rock bop. Available in a 320 issue all on 7 inches of white vinyl.

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