Been a fair while since we heard from them and bless them that they got the name of our much unloved musical musings wrong, though they did quickly fire back no doubt somewhat mortified at the error, calling us the NME how dare they. Now most similar folk would take exception to being mistaken for the once great ‘indie bible’ these days the stuff of cat litter trays, but not us, we here are made of sterner stuff, Of course we are jesting and so it was that we picked ourselves up from the floor and pressed play before finding ourselves all a swoon again, for this is the forthcoming new thang from gospel who’ve graced these pages in the past. Former members of creatures of love & who’ve just dropped the seductively demurred ‘bodies’ – in simple terms four minutes of ice sculptured glacial noir delicately purred in down tempo drift tones which when mixed and stirred become adored with the kind of sophisticated finesse that aside revealing a guilty pleasures love for the Mac’s ‘tango in the night’  also comes with an attaching tug belying the more bruised back catalogues of the likes of No Ceremony, the Insect Guide and Maudite Dance. Alas no sound cloud links just yet.  


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