nepalm death / melt banana

Stylus sorted here’s that promised Nepalm Death / Melt Banana split face off, out via ipecac this ‘un appearing in limited numbers of 7-inch wax appeared on Black Friday Record Store Day pits on opposing sides of vinyl two of the hardcore / noise scenes finest exponents of the art, blighter is so good that we’ve played it at various speeds, we’re assuming 33rpm is the optimum one though truth to be told that at whichever, Nepalm Death still sound terrifying while Melt Banana are quite frankly just insane whichever speed be your chosen poison. Typically grimmed and sounding for all the world as though their channelling the rage of hell itself, Nepalm Death serve up two titanic slabs of tormented apocalypsia, the charmingly titled ‘like piss on a sting’ is a vengeful cauldron of doom dread retribution grimmed in choking soul sucking futility while the accompanying ‘where the barren is fertile’ is besieged in warring sermons and the kind of hopeless end of days full throttle white hot cleansing that suggests several of their number have been paying close attention to an early 90’s variant of Killing Joke. Those of you thinking that maybe Melt Banana might be somewhat lightweight in comparison, think again for ‘killer garden in the garden’ matches might with mayhem, a molten frazzled and frenzied electro shocking bad boy replete with wig flipping waywardness and a sing-a-long chorus – well sort of – to boot which gathers around to sound like your world falling in on your listening space. That said those much fancying their ear gear pitched at turntable melting levels might do well to rack up the volume on the quite clearly demented though loveably wired to the teeth pogo pummeling ‘sakurai spiral’. Be honest now, what is there not to love.  


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