evil blizzard

With a sentiment that I whole heartedly concur with, this is a forthcoming being prepped as I write by the guys at 345rpm. Its by those impish souls Evil Blizzard found here spreading joy, tidings and good cheer for the oncoming seasonal hullabaloo. Entitled ‘I hope you that you get nothing for Christmas’, I must admit that during its playing we’ve cobbled up a secret list upon which are scribbled the names of persons who we feel are undeserving of our time, our wishes and our blessing – ho hum. Ridiculously limited in nature this may well end up being our favourite Christmas tune this year excepting that is a rather lovely nugget by Mikko Joensuu which will be popping up here very shortly. This bad boy, I stress bad, is your discordant slab of wired out waywardness, squalling riffs, unseasonal merriment and lashings of uncheer, alarmingly irreverent and loveably schizoid, rather this than the nightmare that is Simon Cowell and his Saturday night TV naffness. Comes with homemade video to boot featuring creepy masks, a seriously bad Santa and general all round grim griining goonery.

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1 Response to evil blizzard

  1. Filthydirty says:

    I’ll have you know that video cost thousands. Post production alone took almost 6 months.

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