evil blizzard

Following on from their recent best un-Christmas single, much loved around these here parts, we received communications from one of their sect promising of ear feasts imminently descending upon our turntable shortly with an almost cautionary nay ominous note hinting careful what you wish for. Of course we refer to the un-joyously ‘I hope you get nothing for Christmas’ which I’ll admit has been the stuff of repeat play forays since looming large on our listening radar. With that in mind here’s another blast of those seriously wierded out creeps Evil Blizzard, this ‘un comes culled from a recent appearance in Preston. ‘sacrifice’ is everything it says on the tin, discordant bad ju-ju moulded in a darkly twisted shadow lined primitive glam psyche hysteria, part Mummies, Cramps and Misfits, this sore thumb baits, scowls and prowls with slick sleazy intent, a warped rocky horror freak carnival bedevilled by a hall of infamy of video nasty ghouls, both visually and sonically nightmarish and freaked, chemical enhancers are strictly not recommended.

Peel back time a little, last year in fact for ‘are you evil’ – a macabre melodic mausoleum, squalid, degenerate and scalped  with a rabid ritualistic mind warping dark hearted suffocation beneath whose blackening cloak a psychosis heightened inferno rages from where front tickets to oblivion beckon, sound wise imagine an evil twin ‘blizzard of Oz’ era Ozzy heading up the Misfits and you’re not even close.

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