fish might fly – an introduction to fruits de mer records…..

Tucked inside your Fruits de Mer / Static Caravan split you should find an additional CD gift from each of the labels, we’ve already mentioned Static’s Lee F Cullen disc, you know the bloke from Duke St Workshop doing weirdly ethereal psych things much in the vein of Paul Roland and Nick Nicely. For their part of the proceedings the FdM dudes have cobbled up a nifty compilation entitled ‘fish might fly – an introduction to Fruits de Mer records’ – an eleven-strong gathering of talent culled from releases past, present and possibly forthcoming. Several treats featured here including FdM’s ultra limited Christmas day lathe offering from Moloko+ along with rarities and current happenings by Crystal Jacqueline and the Honey Pot, some vintage vault finds rescued from their illustrious long since sold out back catalogue from Claudio Cataldi, something plucked from this years Bowie covers subscribers set from the NoMen and a smattering of exclusives that includes Geitek’s rather spiffing cover of Egg’s ‘I will be absorbed’ all beautified and faithful not to mention smoked in a blissfully loungy haze that ought to have ‘dots and loops’ era Stereolab admirers somewhat seduced. Elsewhere super psychedelicised shimmer toning adores the lightly frisky post rocked exotica of insektlife cycle’s ‘insekt circus’ – a track taken from their debuting full length for Weary Bird, scholars of the Vini Reilly sonic school will be smitten. Somewhere else there’s a sneak peek at Jack Ellister’s forthcoming single for you are the cosmos entitled ‘awake’ – a lulling end of the day murmur toning sleepy headed prayer beautifully hushed in the sedate spray of twinkling rustics while prepped as a future FdM possible and taken from ‘fushcia II, Tony Durant’s psych shanty ‘fushcia song’ gorgeously bows and revels to a jaunty jig framed in medieval woodcut florals and breezy gaellic fancies to whittle a wonderfully wayward sortie much grooved in a Soft Boys styled succulence.

fruits de mer free CD fish might fly

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