Android in La La Land

Not your normal rock-u-mentary but then its subject matter is not your normal rock pop star. For five decades, Gary Numan has been a constant presence on the pop stage whether shifting the electronic sound perspective with his landmark trilogy ‘replicas’, ‘pleasure principle’ and ‘telekon’ in the late 70’s / early 80’s, his lost years and slow decline in creative bankrupty or his rebirth, refocusing and rebranding into darker industrial terrains. ‘Android in la la land’ digs deep and gets past the warts n’ all forago, brutally honest and distressingly touching, it follows the Numan clan as they prepare to leave the UK for a new life in States. Less about the music more about the family unit, it’s a love story rather than a career fanfare, frank and open not to mention overtly candid, this isn’t your polished oh look at me I’m perfect publicity vehicle its more an examination of trust, faith and hope the watching of which several things strike you – that being the closeness, trust and support that indelibly weaving within Gary and Gemma’s relationship, the fact that both are fragile and frail, Numan’s candid discussion about his own mortality is particular difficult as is his hurt at the souring relationship with his father. Of course centre stage are the couples three girls – Raven, Persia and Echo – unwitting stars of the film.

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