the second annual recognition test…..again..

briefly back with that rather excellent end of year sound summary from the unexplained sounds group entitled ‘the second annual recognition test’ which before we forget many thanks are owed to Raff for sending over download links for this frankly mammoth set – 1.7gb in total. Might be a tad impossible for us to cover this in one bite, we’ll see though. However for now a mention for those two notables eagerly spotted on our previous visit from Hole House and the Tara Experiment, the former of which ‘was she a tape recording’ is a bit of an oldie now, featuring on Hole House’s superbly chilling recent debut ‘a stranger in town’, this ice formed sonic séance strays into the paranormal domains of the stone tape phenomena, quatermass-ian pulsars shimmering with ominous intent to a monochrome mosaic cut with a minimalist disquiet that hints a sonic kinship with Mount Vernon Arts Lab. As to the Tara Experiment, we are expecting new happenings imminently, for now a little vintage school radiophonic tastiness from a set that appeared at the tail end of last year entitled ‘what the sky listens to’, this being ‘magnetic field’ which unless our ears do deceive ought to principally attach itself to the brain waves of ghost box and a year in the country adoring patrons given it comes warped in sinister surveillance sweeps and an edgy isolationist aura that might well appeal to the middex end of the polytechnic youth fraternity.

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