hannah epperson

Finally for this years quartet of Christmas treats from the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, Hannah Epperson’s delightful two-track ethereal ‘raise the white flag’ and ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’. An utterly adorable gathering of eerie elegance, the former a self penned mysterio traced in ghostly enchanted woodland soul noir trimmings, utilising silence as an instrument this frail and fragile love note is snowily kissed by lightly tip toed frost carved vocals delicately aided and abetted by the playful peek a boo of a solitary violin, really is quite entrancing. From entrancing to beguiling ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’ really is quite exceptional, a magic land winter wonderland poised, measured and majestically tailored in a most beautified sepia framed neo classical framing, all at once breathlessly beautiful and blissful. https://snowflakeschristmassingles.bandcamp.com/album/raise-the-white-flag-b-w-dreaming-of-a-white-christmas

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