the cream people

Blimey we feared they’d given up the ghost been as it is that its so long we since we featured any of their grooves, relentless souls that we are we spied this on a recent posting, a Christmas sonic soiree from the Cream People, free to download to boot. ‘the great Christmas give away’ EP features two newly cut nuggets, ‘silent night my arse’ and ‘twilight outhouse’ – both crafted of a curious sonic distillation that sees them shifting from their trademark ‘psych’ focus into, well in the formers case, a mellowed and stoned out bliss kissed post rock-y symphonia that hints much of an admiration for Roy Montgomery or certainly at the very least the kind of noodling Alphane Moon styled stuff that Ptelemaic Terrascope wowed over in the 90’s with the ‘silent night’ element long since left at the door somewhere at the 30 second mark, gets very eastern mysticism eyed towards the end I’ll have you know. As to ‘twilight outhouse’ a lolloping punch drunk lovely smoked in Durutii styled dream weaving oceanic opines, very much informed by Steve Reich just a treat to get to the final post 5 minutes where everything goes woozily crystalline.

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