all our pretty songs – nevermind revisited

i don’t mind saying that our heart skips several beats to the news of new groove from the blog that celebrates itself. Over the course of the year they’ve delivered some of the finest cover sets to have graced pop land. Just out and available as a free to download release, the spotlight turns to Nirvana’s ‘nevermind’, an album that was both a blessing and a curse for Cobain, the band already considered a formidable force on the fledging Sub Pop label where elevated to a global standing almost in the blink of an eye. ‘all our pretty songs – nevermind revisited’ is a fourteen strong homage to this 25 year old classic, in truth we were always more smitten by ‘bleach’ and still am, just as well then that there’s two additional bonus treats tucked at the end celebrating their stripped bare Sub Pop juggernaut. Now I don’t know about you, but I do prefer my covers to rephrase the original and turn in a new found previously unseen perspective, much like as it happens the Us’ immense reclaiming of ‘smells like teen spirit’ which aside making their own manages to instill new life and thankfully drag it away from its misplaced crowd pleasing anthem status and it back to a shadowy place that pitted with an emotionally fracturing quite turbulence that’s eerily groomed in a magnetic beauty that orbits ever so subtly around a youthful All About Eve framing. Set to bliss toned, Slowly relocate ‘in bloom’ to celestial terrains, its vapour trailing ethereal chorals finds its heart heavy target cosmically calibrated somewhere between a mellowed Ride and an angelic My Bloody Valentine while the Offerings’ retooling of ‘territorial pissing’ is the stuff of shoegaze wet dreams all removed of the originals animalistic frenz and floodlit in dream draped curvaceous sprays. From what we’ve heard thus far, tall pines take on ‘drain you’ shines the brightest, a soft psych fuzz bomb much moulded in the image of the Haight Ashbury. Equally high in the smitten stakes Whimsical’s faithful re-treatment of ‘on a plain’ comes shimmered in uber cooling shade adorned sprays of euphoric radiance while proving no slouches in the arresting stakes, 93millionmilesfromthe sun reduce ‘lounge act’ to a seductively sighing dream dripped kaleidoscopic murmurtone. Reckon a revisit to pick up the unfeatured strays may well be called for.    

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