the penelopes

Been a fair old while since we had any Penelopes remix groove with which to swoon to, their absence has been duly noted with letters from responsible adults having been received stating they’ve been swanning around the best part of the year doing film and TV soundtrack work. These are the dudes who older readers may well recall remodelled well worn classics by the likes of the Cure and Alt-J. This time of asking they’ve honed their craft to relocating Massive Attack’s ‘teardrop’ – yep even including the angelic tones of Liz Fraser into the melee to a retro setting. Of course Liz being Liz is just lost in the moment cooing ethereal fairy hymnals regardless of whatever else is happening around her which in this case is pirouetting amid an ice formed shadow land somewhere in an early 80’s moments that’s been sucked somewhat into the time tunnelling vortex tthat is tthe Stranger Things set along with an equally mystified John Carpenter with his ‘lost themes’ gatherings tucked securely under his arm.

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