eilean rec ‘various artists’

Alas long gone and sold out of its limited 150 run, oh we really must keep on top of the Eilean recs releases to save on further future heartbreak. Anyway enough sniffling, this is ‘waterlines’ by Wil Bolton pulled from the labels latest gathering ‘various artists’ – a kind of end of year soiree featuring a formidable array of talent who’ve appeared individually on the label throughout the year. Apt for this time of year, Mr Bolton’s offering is a beautifully thawing nugget, all at once intimate and reflective not forgetting to mention poised and paused, an elegant ghost light trimmed in the kind of melancholic wistfulness forged of a kinship to those occasional distantly dreamy demurs delicately drawn by yellow6. While we are here, best mention the aching majesty of the spectral and stately ‘solitude by vision’ by offthesky all siren like enchantment softly rising from the twilight mist, utterly blissful and shyly bruised, a frankly crushing though touching slice of ethereal elegance. https://eileanrec.bandcamp.com/album/various-artists-3

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