serengeti and sicker man

You might have to forgive our lapse for we’ve for now, managed to mislay the press release gubbins that accompanies this becoming gem. Still I guess we need no arm twisting when the sounds are this good. Equally battling for our affections alongside that aforementioned Winter Witches release, there’s this one entitled ‘doctor my own patience’ – an album heading out of Graveface by Serengeti and Sicker Man, herewith two cuts sublimely showcasing its glacially alluring purr in the shape of ‘boy’ and ‘impress a girl’. Both these nuggets seriously sound as though they’ve been recently brought in from an early 80’s big freeze and slowly defrosted, the former particularly traced in a gloriously clockworking mosaic that’s coolly arrested in a sparsely ‘stranger things’ styled vintage electronic framing while the latter – in truth the best thing here – arrives sounding not unlike a post punk ghost light emanating from the factory, dindisc and fast product sound houses of the day, all beautifully dusted and hollowed in minimalist chillwave presets whilst wired with a majisterial svelte like pop prowess, probably the finest thing we’ve heard of its ilk outside of a Vukovar outing.

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