evil blizzard

Many thanks to both Phil at 345rpm and evil blizzard for sending over a copy of that aforementioned seriously limited Christmas lathe release, ours an unsleeved / unlabelled promo copy has been swiftly stashed into the pension vault to be cashed in when such time occurs that our faculties start to waver which in truth may well be sooner than we’d like given recently we’ve had all manner of issues with failing eyesight, ongoing back ailments, moles changing both colour and shape and serious concerns over memory recall. So where were we, ah yes Evil Blizzard, just a handful of these have been pressed – 13 up for sale, one up for grabs in a competition which if I’ve got my dates right is due to happen tomorrow while another copy is being put up for auction with proceeds going in memory of Jess Fairclough. As said we’ve previously mentioned ‘I hope that you get nothing for Christmas’ in earlier dispatches, a wayward seasonal sore thumb much-loved around these here parts that captures perfectly an ever-growing secret sentiment which I’m sure most of us harbour with regard certain folk we have no choice but breathing the same air as, go as far as saying this comes with more seasonal spirit than most of the trite turntable turkeys that fly past our way at this time of the year, if only we could get it number one, mind you given that these days to get to the top spot you only need name just 50 people who’ve promised to buy the record, with less than 20 copies pressed the best we can hope for is a top 3 chart place. Over on the flip lurks ‘we three kings’ which given I’m getting familiar with how these Evil Blizzard sorties pan out, we did fear total carnage and annihilation of this merry olde melody, instead they play a straight hand into the bargain giving it a bit of lancing here and there to turn in something that to these ears sounds not unlike something touched by the impish hand of Butthole Surfers albeit being fronted by a certain Mr Lydon  https://www.facebook.com/EvilBlizzardband/

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