exploding numbers

Sneaked into the evil blizzard package, Phil included a copy of an exploding numbers single, this was part of that mammoth 454545 singles club soiree cobbled together by the 345rpm imprint. Alas the catalogue is now sadly deleted we believe, for those either asleep or ignorant of such things, this was basically the issue of 45 singles in limited numbers of 45 covering the entire recorded output – barring several rogue albums – of its head honcho including all those uber cool Southall Riot singles, some guest remixes and oodles of unreleased items (heart sinks at the amount of releases missed). Anyhow this be one of those previously unreleased items – for note takers – this was release number 37 – my copy #10 – features two cuts – ‘gloriate’ and ‘puderum’ – the former a lilting lunar toned slice of belearic kosmiche that softly drifts between a finite spectrum line tugged between the allure of both j xaverre and joe meek while the latter, a motoric murmur tone crafted and cut as a krautrock hymnal of sorts purred in a chilled dipped cosmicness that had us imagining those Clinic chaps aboard a boat captained by Toshack Highway.

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