jean michel jarre

more than a little smitten here by the final part of Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’ trilogy especially given than ‘Oxygene 2’ was somewhat lacklustre. ‘Oxygene 3’ completes the circle and retraces the spirit of the originals heartbeat, that’s not to say its backward thinking, consider this more a recalibration, while ‘I’ was a step into the unknown, ‘III’ serves as a distillation of Jarre’s work and shifts forward towards new terrains with ‘Oxygene 17’ being sent ahead as a herald. Perhaps largely due to his recent collaborative works – ‘electronica’ – Jarre returns anew, focused and enjoying what might be considered something of a creative purple patch for ‘Oxygene 17’ comes trimmed in an infectious uptempo immediacy that suggests its author has found his mojo, the sound pristinely purred, pulses and rotates to a timeless 360 degree sound chassis that by turns sounds all at once yesterday, now and tomorrow.

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