the second annual recognition test

Back with that excellent ‘second annual recognition test’ set from the unexplained sounds folk, I promise there will be lengthier appraisals of this hulking 144 track collection a little after the Xmas shenanigans. for now though three more featured pickings, the first of which comes from a pairing of talent featuring the Sonologyst and Kshatriy entitled ‘unaltered mind’ – as eerie and doom draped not mention gouged in a post apocalyptic aura as it may first appear on initial listens, there’s something both transcendental and mystical skirting beneath the listening surface whose measured drone detailing as much as it moored upon a primitive Australasian ghosting is likewise, shimmered in spiritualism and reverence to which kinship wise it nods to the likes of Alphane Moon, Our Glassie Azoth and the early back catalogue of Ochre records. Touched with a lighter disposition and a playfully lunar lounge lullaby-esque like demeanour, Radionics Radio’s simply arresting ‘ShaLeigh and I will be romantically involved soon’ is delightfully demurred  by entwining bowed chime corteges whose fragile nature is such that you fear the slightest tremble to off balance its stilled porcelain state might render it redundant and shattered, one we suspect for those once upon a time beguiled and enchanted by FortDax’s ‘at bracken’ set for Static Caravan. I don’t mind admitting to the fact that we adore the remoteness of Diaspora Psichica’s ‘transhumans’ its ominous future tech chilling sumptuously ghosted in an eerie though strangely seductive mystique that pours forth a shadowy and spectral glacial spy noir detailing. And okay we lied, a fourth for your listening stocking, couldn’t walk away without mentioning ‘gopichand.harmonium ethers’ by Kiki, this really is arresting stuff and something that ought to be on the radar of those of you much attuned to the ethereal ghost lights of Preterite, dead can dance and this mortal coil.  

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