vintage cucumber

Another release with which I suspect we may have accidentally tripped across on a wander around the bandcamp sound world, again no oddles upon oodles of in depth happenings with which to amaze and make your eye water with envy, this is Vintage Cucumber of whom all we know is that they hail from Templin, Germany and have just dropped the damn dandy ‘haschisch’ EP. A glitch grooved dubtronic future chill, this babe is sure to appeal to those much admiring the pre ‘Ebeneezer’ and post psychedelic haze of ‘in gorbachov we trust’ era Shamen and those firmly attuned to the brooding electro spectral palettes of classic era Biosphere, an observation best evidenced on the opening ‘libanon’ where beneath sky siren haloes and pulsar waveforms a brooding chilled psychotronic stillness sours the landscape in a surveillance like eeriness. Moving swiftly through the grooves the wonderfully chill tipped and radiant ‘tora bora’ comes cloaked in expansive tides of mystic transcendentalism that recall a laid back prime time astralasia in studio cahoots with Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart while parting shot ‘Marrakesh’ with its slick dub doused doodling is somewhat graced with the spirit of Muslim Gauze albeit as though in a sonic head lock with Wagon Christ.

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